“Every photographer should always be on the watch, because, as a rule, the plot of a photo every time is born spontaneously...”

From the interview with Segey Rubanov, “Almanac” journal, №11(29), November, 2008.


Sergey Rubanov is a photographer, traveller and journalist who visited more than 50 countries of the world.

He is a Member of The International Federation of Artists – IFA.

He is called a Master of Portraits and Travelling Romantic.

His photo-impressions after different trips become a worthy decoration of well-known glossy magazines, and the heroes of his pictures always reveal in a shot as extraordinary bright, picturesque and expressive characters, turning these pictures into an object of active discussion. The photographer has got numerous appreciations of Ministries and Councils of Tourism of different countries and the state award for strengthening of international relations; he participated in the programme “Italy through the eyes of Russian Masters”, 2011,organized by ENIT – National agency of Tourism in Italy.

Photos by Sergey Rubanov are included into the catalogue to 20th anniversary of the IFA.

He's got his own educational programme and great experience in sphere of masterclasses about “Travel Photo”.

Sergey Rubanov participated in different city exhibitions, including exhibition of professional ptotographers of Saint-Petersburg, photo exhibition «Norway. Sphere of life», organized by Council of Tourism of Norway during the «Norway cinema» festival.

Sergey Rubanov is a constant participant of press-tours and trips around different countries. He is the Head of travel column in the following magazines:

  • “Mir&Dom” (Saint-Petersburg),
  • “Linia Polyota” (Saint-Petersburg, a flight-line magazine of 14 air-lines),
  • “Mir Turizma” (Kiev).

    Also he cooperates with the following magazines: “Phototravel”, “Na Nevskom”, “FREE-time”, “Firmenny” etc.

    The total circulation of published photos by Sergey Rubanov exceeds 8 000 000 copies.


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